The Diocesan NFP Coordinator wears many hats. He or she is an educator, administrator (sometimes overseeing several other ministries), meeting planner, resource designer, adviser, speaker, writer, motivator, diplomat, and sometimes even an NFP method teacher!

In this role, it is critical that the NFP coordinator not only understands Catholic teaching on human sexuality, marriage, conjugal love, and responsible parenthood but also has a solid grasp of NFP science and basic methodology.

As the NFP expert in the diocese, the NFP coordinator should also be familiar with the national NFP providers as well as other appropriate resources. As a member of the diocesan staff, the NFP coordinator should have a working understanding of the diocesan structure so that relationships can be built which will facilitate the growth of NFP ministry.

Below are a variety of resources provided to assist the Diocesan NFP Coordinator in building diocesan NFP ministry. For additional assistance, contact:; 202-541-3240.

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