Natural Family Planning education is an aid to living the truth and beauty of God's plan for married love and the gift of life in marriage. The national and regional NFP education programs listed below provide training in the evidence-based methods of NFP.The specific method of each provider is identified and basic service information is included in the descriptions.

Many of the providers listed on this page integrate the principles of Catholic teaching in their programs and ensure that their teachers and medical professionals only provide NFP. Where this is not clear, the NFP providers are listed in the second half of this page under "Other NFP Providers" and notes appear under each provider. To learn more, please contact the USCCB's NFP Program (@email) or the individual NFP provider.

Some of the NFP providers have formally implemented the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry, which is noted near a provider's name.

Please note, the USCCB's NFP Program does not maintain
a list of individual NFP teachers.
Contact individual providers for their lists.


Quick Reference Guide for NFP Methods

Billings Ovulation Method Association - USA (BOMA-USA)

Meets the Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry

Email: @email

BOMA-USA is the only authorized representative of The Billings Ovulation Method® in the United States. This method is based on the observation of cervical mucus. It was developed by the Drs. John and Evelyn Billings of Melbourne, Australia.

  • BOMA-USA maintains a list of its certified teachers.
  • Client education is provided in group or private on-site classes.
  • Online charting software is available.
  • Distance client education is offered by individual BOMA-USA certified teachers; see
  • Teacher education is provided in English and Spanish via on-site programs and through a correspondence or web course.
  • Upon special request, additional education programs can be scheduled for health-care professionals, clergy, and the general public.
  • BOMA-USA is affiliated with WOOMB International. Multi-language client education can be obtained through WOOMB-International. Contact WOOMB-International.

Couple to Couple League International (CCLI or "CCL")

Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry.

5440 Moeller Ave.  
   Suite 149
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
(513) 471-2000
(800) 214-6028 Español
Email: @email

CCL is a provider of the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM). STM is a multi-indexed method of NFP. It teaches the detection and interpretation of cervical mucus, changes in the basal body temperature (BBT), and in some systems, cervical changes and other secondary signs of fertility.

  • CCL maintains a list of its certified teachers at .
  • National online class search is available at
  • Client and teacher education in the STM is provided in both English and Spanish. 
  • Client education (English and Spanish) is provided by professionally certified teaching couples in their local areas or via live on-line classes. A Self-Paced Online Class is also an option (this is a video-based version of the live class with support available through phone and e-mail contact).
  • Their updated Fertility App can be downloaded from
  • Teacher education is provided free of charge to volunteers via live on-site classes or through the Internet.
  • CCL provides a variety of educational seminars for health-care professionals, clergy, and the general public through the website including a directory of NFP educators and medical professionals of all methods.
  • CCL publishes many resources including the only NFP magazine in the USA, Family Foundations.

Family of the Americas Foundation (FAF)

Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry.

As of 2020, the Family of the Americas headquarters has moved from the USA to Guatemala. Orders for materials can be made on their website. For immediate help regarding teacher training, please contact KC Schnitker at

Email: @email

FAF is a provider of a cervical mucus method based on the research of the Drs. Billings.

  • FAF maintains a list of its certified teachers.
  • Client education is provided in on-site classes and via the US Postal system (an interactive CD program enhances the program).
  • Teacher education is provided in on-site programs and via the US Postal system.
  • FAF will work with diocesan NFP staff to offer on-site educational events.
  • FAF publishes educational resources in a variety of languages.

Marquette University College of Nursing Institute for NFP (MUCN-INFP)

Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry

P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-3854
(414) 288-1587 FAX
Institute Website:
Client Classes:

MUCN-INFP provides education in the Sympto-Hormonal Method (SHM) also called the "Marquette Method" (MM) This approach integrates the basic information of cervical mucus with the added feature of an electronic hormonal monitoring device.

  • MUCN-INFP maintains a list of teachers who have completed the program. Students who complete the program receive a certificate of completion.
  • Client education in the Marquette Method is provided by individual teachers, see the MM Teacher Directory at
  • Education in the Spanish language for clients is available.
  • MUCN-INFP offers on-line teacher education for healthcare professionals only (e.g., nurses, physicians, etc.).
  • MUCN-INFP is a research based institute. Questions regarding the state of NFP scientific research are welcomed.

NFP International (NFPI)

John and Sheila Kippley, Directors
Website: http:/

NFPI provides client and teacher education in the Cross-Check Method (also called "STM"), a multi-indexed method of NFP. Mr. and Mrs.Kippley are "NFP pioneers" and the co-founders of the CCLI. They are among the devoted Catholics who developed NFP methods in the United States.

  • Client education is provided on-line.
  • Support is offered to the student via e-mail and phone.
  • Access to the NFP master teacher program is via e-mail.
  • NFPI offers education in "Ecological Breastfeeding."

Northwest Family Services (NWFS) - SymptoPro Fertility Education

Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry

6200 SE King Road
Portland, OR 97222
(503) 546-6377
(503) 546-9397 FAX
Email: @email

SymptoPro provides education in a Sympto-Thermal method of NFP that teaches the detection and interpretation of cervical mucus, basal-body temperature (BBT), and changes in the cervix. It also teaches how to interpret secondary signs of fertility.

  • SymptoPro maintains a list of its certified teachers.
  • Both client and teacher education in the SymptoPro method are provided. 
  • Client education is provided in on-site class programs and through correspondence course via the US Postal system, a client Internet course, and also a combination of correspondence and on-line education for clients who request both.
  • SymptoPro has partnered with Read Your Body for a charting app for its clients and teachers. They have a template that SymptoPro clients can apply to the app so that they can easily chart the SymptoPro method. Ask your SymptoPro teacher about this feature.
  • Teacher education is provided only on-line.
  • Client and teacher education is available in the Spanish language.
  • A variety of educational programs are available, notably an adolescent chastity curricula entitled, FACTS.
  • Many family supporting resources are published by NWFS.

St. Pope Paul VI Institute Creighton Model FertilityCareTM

6901 Mercy Road
Omaha, NE 68106
(402) 390-9168
(402) 390-9851 FAX
Email: @email

The St. Pope Paul VI Institute (SPPVII) provides education in the Creighton Model FertilityCareTM Method (CrM) of NFP. This is a cervical mucus detection method.

  • Both client and teacher education are offered.
  • To locate a CrM teacher see the directory at FertilityCare Centers of America.
  • Teacher education is offered in the Spanish language.
  • The SPPVII is accredited by the American Academy of FertilityCareTM Professionals (AAFCP).
  • The AAFCP maintains a list of certified Creighton Model FertilityCareTMteachers.
  • A variety of educational programs are available for health care professionals, clergy and laity.
  • Training in the innovative NaProTechnology, an ethical approach to women's health care, is also provided to physicians.To find a trained physician see the directory of Creighton Model FertilityCare and NaPro Medical Consultants.
  • A variety of resources, including scientific research, is published by the SPPVII. Contact the Education department for further information.
    Note: The SPPVI Institute is part of the network of FertilityCareTM education centers (FertilityCareTM Centers of America). These centers are accredited by the American Academy of FertilityCareTM Professionals for teacher education. Two of these centers have met the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry in the area of teacher education. Since the curriculum is standardized, the only significant difference among the centers lies in the individual members of the faculty per center. To meet the USCCB NFP standards, NFP teacher training programs must apply for Approval individually.

Additional NFP Providers

The NFP Providers listed below offer NFP teacher and client education as well as other services. Their programs are solidly based in scientific NFP research. And, their programs'  mission and philosophy are compatible with Catholic beliefs. They do not promote contraception.

  • Boston Cross Check (BCC)
    is a Sympto-Hormonal method. It developed from the Sympto-Thermal method of the New England NFP Association. BCC seeks to meet the contemporary client's needs by offering a 100% virtual experience of NFP education for teacher candidates and students.

    Note: Presently, BCC staff are seeking to develop content for a Catholic curriculum where Church teaching is integrated in the teacher and client curricula. Please check with BCC or the USCCB's NFP Program for an update on the status of this effort (
  • Fertility Education & Medical Management (FEMM)
    FEMM is a Sympto-Hormonal method that teaches the identification of cervical mucus, the use of FH strips for hormonal testing, and makes use of an App for charting. This system also integrates current research on a woman's reproductive hormones and has a companion medical system that supports the method.

    Note: FEMM does not require its teachers or medical practitioners to be "NFP-only." It is important to discuss this concern with individual FEMM providers who may be "NFP-only."
  • Listen Fertility
    This Sympto-Hormonal method was developed by medical professionals and educators at the Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility clinic in North Carolina (associated with the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, USA).

    Note: Presently, the NFP Program of the USCCB does not have information about whether Listen Fertility will develop a Catholic version of their education programs which integrate Church teaching in the teacher and client curricula. In addition, it is also not clear if Listen Fertility requires its teachers or medical practitioners to be "NFP-only." That said, the program was developed by Catholics who want to provide authentic NFP It is important to discuss these concern with individual Listen Fertility providers.
  • The Partnership Method (TPM)
    This is the second-generation adaptation of the Sympto-Thermal program of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA (principal author, the late Stella Kitchen--an indominable and joyfilled diocesan NFP leader). Presented in three 2-hour classes spaced a month apart, the program is based primarily on the work of Dr. Josef Rötzer of Austria, the leading pioneer of the Sympto-Thermal Method. The curriculum integrates principles of Catholic teaching. Classes for married couples include moral, spiritual, relational, and health benefits; special circumstances: irregular cycles, postpartum, peri-menopause, achieving pregnancy, infertility; and the integration of NFP into the whole marital relationship.

    Note: TPM is a service of the Stella Maris Center (, a nonprofit ministry headquartered in League City, TX dedicated to broad support of marriage and family life based on Catholic principles. Classes are live events, either in-person or virtual.

  • Sensiplan
    This well-researched highly effective Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP was developed by scientists and medical professionals in Germany (Universities of Düsseldorf and Heidelberg). It is the only European NFP method that is offered in the United States by the staff at the Reply Clinic (North Carolina).

    Note: presently, clarification is needed regarding the integration of Church teaching in the teacher and client curricula. In addition, it is not clear that Sensiplan requires its teachers or medical practitioners to be "NFP-only." It is important to discuss these concerns with individual Sensiplan providers. That said, the founders of the Reply Clinic are faithful Catholics who wanted to bring this German STM method to the United States.

  • Whole Mission is an NFP education website developed by Marquette Method nurse teachers. These nurse teachers reside in different states. They provide both group and individual instruction in the Marquette Method. They can provide courses both in-person and online. Online classes are conducted through a secure video meeting platform.

  • WOOMB International
    This is the official headquarters of the Billings Method Associaiton located in Australia. WOOMB offers bothclient and teacher training in the cervical mucus method that was standardized by the Drs. John and Evelyn Billings. It's curricula fully supports Catholic teaching.

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