Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods have been available in the United States since the early 1970’s. Both before the 1970’s and to the current day, a considerable amount of scientific research has been conducted and published. This work serves as the basis for NFP methods, training, and service.

NFP research includes areas of study on: the menstrual cycle (including reproductive hormones) and the signs of fertility; fertility and infertility; use-effectiveness; achieving pregnancy (time to pregnancy); ovulation detection; properties of the cervix; cervical mucus; basal body temperature; fertility detection technology; fetal outcome; postpartum and breastfeeding; perimenopause; method and program aspects; and couple attitudes and behavior.

This bibliography is provided to foster study, especially among healthcare professionals. It features foundational NFP research as well as current research. It was first compiled in 1995 by Robert Kambic, MSPH, and Richard Fehring, Ph.D., RN. Please visit this page again since new studies will be added to the appropriate sections.

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