We are happy to help with NFP education!

Please use the presentations provided on this page in your NFP education.The resources below have been developed by various NFP experts. The authors have generously given us permission to share them with you.

Please be patient with us as we develop additional PowerPoint slides for your use.

If you have a presentation to share with your colleagues, contact us at nfp@usccb.org.

NFP PowerPoint Presentations

An Introduction to the Science, Methods, and Practice of Natural Family Planning by Richard Fehring, PhD, RN and Kathleen Raviele, MD.
This 46 slide presentation provides an introduction to the science and methods of NFP. The presentation features slides on female reproductive anatomy, the role of female hormones in fertility, an overview of all NFP methods, discussion on effectiveness rates and a brief discussion on the benefits and morality of NFP methods. Each slide has detailed notes for the speaker in the note panel.

An Introduction to the Science, Methods, and Practice of NFP, Short Version by Fehring and Raviele
This version of the above slide presentation is condensed into 38 slides.


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