The resources featured here provide real life reflections on the beauty of living God's design for married love. Included below are testimonies from married couples, homilies of Catholic clergy, and also DVDs. Any of these resources can be used in NFP education as well as in marriage preparation programs.

  • Couples Stories 
    These film clips feature witness stories from married couples who use NFP.
  • Homily 
    This homily treats Church teaching on human sexuality and NFP. It was given during the 2013 celebration of National NFP Awareness Week by Reverend Albert Bruecken, O.S.B.
  • Goya Producciones created a series on Natural Family Planning which they filmed, in part, at the 2015 World Congress on NFP in Milan, Italy. Various NFP leaders from the United States are featured in the series including former executive director of the Couple to Couple League, Mike Manhart, PhD, well-known NFP researcher, Joe Stanford, MD (Utah), and Theresa Notare, PhD, Assistant Director, USCCB's NFP Program. The series is available in English and Spanish. To view a nine-minute trailer or order the series see,

Videos Provided by the Diocese of Rockville Centre [LINK]

  • Plan Your Family Naturally
    Join Natural Family Planning (NFP) educators Dr. Jennifer and Matthew DeMarco as they reveal one of the Catholic Church's best kept secrets: an effective, simple, and natural approach to family planning. Today's NFP is almost 100% effective. It uses modern scientific techniques to determine when a woman is fertile or infertile, so married couples can achieve or safely postpone pregnancy. This is not the old-fashioned "Rhythm Method"! Working in harmony with nature, this approach removes any artificial barriers to the full, free, faithful, and fruitful union of husband and wife in marriage.
    The DeMarcos are joined by Chris and Dan Volpe and Damon and Melanie Owens, married couples who share their own experience of discovering, learning, and living NFP. They give heartfelt, real-life witnesses to its effectiveness, challenges, and many benefits—practical, relational, and spiritual—as they cooperate with God's design for married love.
    This 22 minute DVD answers such questions as:
    • What is NFP?
    • Won't NFP ruin our sex life?
    • Why is the divorce rate so low for couples using NFP?
    • How effective is NFP really?
    • Why don't more people know about NFP?
    • Isn't NFP too difficult for most people to learn?
    • What's so beneficial about NFP being "natural"?
    • Why does the Catholic Church approve of NFP?
  • Planifique su Familia Naturalmente
    A Spanish language introduction to NFP. This 20 minute DVD is not a "dubbed" version of the above English language film. This film is a completely different NFP introduction which features Hispanic married couples who practice NFP.
    Funded by a grant from the USCCB Committee for the Church in Latin America, and assisted by the USCCB NFP Program, this introduction to NFP is a must in marriage preparation and enrichment education!
  • When Two Become One
    Ideal for engaged couples in Pre Cana or anyone who wants to know more about marriage in the Catholic Church. Join nationally-known TV host Msgr. Jim Lisante and four Catholic couples—engaged, newlyweds, married with children, and celebrating their 51st anniversary— they unpack the true meaning of Catholic marriage and witness to the joys and challenges of living it out each day "till death do us part." Find out the meaning and importance of a Church wedding, and what the Church teaches on sacramental marriage, love, sexuality, pre-marital sex, natural family planning, and much more. This Catholic marriage DVD is contemporary, entertaining, engaging, and filmed in a popular documentary style. "When Two Become One" is a must see for all couples planning to enter the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church. It is also useful for marriage education and  enrichment programs.
    This DVD video is ideal for:
    • Pre-Cana and marriage preparation
    • Parish outreach to engaged couples
    • Couples discerning marriage
    • A gift for your fiancé, engaged friends, children, or grandchildren!