Grant Information

The Subcommittee on the Church in Africa only accepts applications from continental, regional, and national Catholic bishops' conferences in Africa for activities that serve to strengthen or extend the Church's pastoral mission. Up to six applications will be accepted from each bishops' conference per year.

The Subcommittee will accept applications for grants that address the following pastoral areas:

  1. pastoral and catechetical programs

  2. seminaries/seminarians

  3. continuing education of clergy

  4. communications/mass media

  5. Catholic education and schools

Other development projects fall under the purview of the USCCB's official relief and development agency, Catholic Relief Services (

For further information and application forms, please contact Church in Africa staff at @email. We regret that we are unable to respond to inquiries that do not come directly from national Catholic bishops' conferences belonging to the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM).

Solidarity Fund Projects

The Church in the United States enjoys a distinguished record of both moral and material support for the Church in Africa. In a bold move forward, the Solidarity Fund represents direct aid from the U.S. Bishops' Conference to the Church in Africa. This initiative builds upon the historic work of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and Catholic Relief Services (CRS). It is designed to complement, not duplicate, their work in Africa. 

The Solidarity Fund provides a vehicle for bishops to provide sustained, effective, and accountable support to the Church in Africa. The fund will help respond to explicitly pastoral needs; it will not duplicate the humanitarian or development assistance provided by Catholic Relief Services.

The Subcommittee on the Church in Africa assures you that your contributions will be effectively used. The subcommittee is building relationships and capacity in distributing grants. We are also using clear criteria for grants.


Approved Projects