Since 1991, generous American Catholics have provided millions of dollars for projects which were submitted to our office by the bishops of Albania. These efforts have helped the Church in Albania rebuild itself and begin to live and serve in freedom. The following are just a few examples of past, ongoing, and new projects sponsored through our office.

With your help, we have …
… Funded the formation of future clergy in the Diocese of Sapë
In the poverty-stricken, mountainous diocese of Sapë in northern Albania, some 100,000 Catholics in 30 parishes were served by only seven local priests in 2002. We sponsored 15 young pre-seminarians in a spiritual and intellectual formation program.

… Furnished St. Joseph Educational Center in the Diocese of Rrëshen
The Center was equipped with a computer lab, desks, chairs, auditorium, sound system, and many other necessities to make help restore Catholic education in Rrëshen.

… Helped build a major seminary in Archdiocese of Shkoder
The seminary in the Archdiocese of Shkodrë is able to educate and form badly-needed future priests not only for the archdiocese of Shkodrë, but for all of Albania.

… and we continue to …
… Support construction of the Cathedral in the Diocese of Lezhë
When the cathedral is complete, the diocese of Lezhë will finally have a place where the faithful can gather around their bishop and where the life of the Church can flourish. Request submitted: $100,000.

We hope in the future to …
… Contribute to the construction of a cathedral in the Diocese of Sapë
The Communist regime declared Albania as the first “fully atheist” state in the world. But many in fact kept the faith. Now Albanians need places to gather and worship as a church recently reborn. Request submitted: $25,000.

… Help provide a home for the Carmelite Sisters
The Carmelite sisters are committed to praying for peace and reconciliation in Albania and to giving witness that the Church is not merely another humanitarian association, but a people of prayer and holiness. Request submitted: $20,000.

…Support the national Albanian Seminary in Shkoder
The seminary was founded in 1992 to train priests for all the Albanian dioceses. It also provides formation for seminarians from neighboring Montenegro. This is an ongoing project, with a total amount requested of $400,000.

…Support St. Joseph Vocational School in Rreshen
This facility provides training for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Presently there are 130 students; the youngest is 15 years old. Practical skills are taught in the spirit of Christian charity. Amount requested: $90,000