Since 1990, generous American Catholics have provided millions of dollars for projects which were submitted to our office by the bishops of Czech Republic. These efforts have helped the Church in Czech Republic rebuild itself and begin to live and serve in freedom. The following are just a few examples of past, ongoing, and new projects sponsored through our office. With your help, we have . . .

. . . Established a Social Center for children and youth in Pacov
The parish charity in Pacov has been reaching out to children and youth who are at risk for falling into drug addiction and crime through this social center. The center provides many opportunities for sports, music, working with computers, lectures, and much more.

. . . Contributed to the construction of the Youth Pastoral Center in Dolany
Founded in 1991, the center draws crowds of young people from all over the country. They stay here for a few days, weeks, or even a couple of months. Led by a religious order (the Community of the Beatitudes), the center's mission is to evangelize the youth of a land where Christianity first arrived over a millennium ago.

. . . Purchased equipment for Studio Telepace
Our support helped the studio produce Catholic programming for cable television and facilitated cooperation with other local cable companies in the country.

. . . and we continue to. . .

. . . Help publish a Canon Law Review for Church Law Society
This review is a great resource for bishops, priests, canon lawyers, and students and will help in an important aspect of rebuilding the Church. Request submitted: $3,895

. . . Support English language programs for priests and religious led by Franciscan Sisters
For three years now, Sister Bernadette, a literature professor from Marquette University in Milwaukee, is spending her summers in the Czech Republic teaching English, which is becoming the "lingua franca" of the region. Amount requested: $6,000.

. . . Support education of seminarians from Olomouc in Rome
We support future priests at the Pontifical College "Nepomucenum" in Rome. The Czech bishops chose to send those most suited to study in Rome and bring back the rich educational and cultural experience to their own parishes.

We hope in the future to . . .

. . . Help with construction of pastoral center in Ostrava
Located in a suburb of some 75,000 people, this center will provide the necessary space for the local parish to serve the needs of their community, especially the needs of the youth. Request submitted: $344,827

. . . Send three priests to Rome to study
The continuing education of priests is crucial for the strength and future of the church. Rome offers a unique opportunity for priests to be formed at the heart of the universal church and pass on what they receive to others. Request submitted: $22,500

. . . Support renovation of Catholic high school in Velehrad
Giving the Czech church the means to educate future generations is especially important for renewal. We need to take advantage of the opportunity to develop Catholic education, which was outlawed under communism.