The Concluding Document from the 2007 Conference in Aparacida, Brazil, talks about the Continental Mission:

“This Fifth Conference, recalling the command to go and make disciples (see Mt 28:20), wishes to awaken the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean toward a missionary impulse. We cannot let this hour of grace slip by. We need a new Pentecost! We need to go out to meet individuals, families, communities, and peoples to communicate to them, and share the gift of encounter with Christ, who has filled our lives with “meaning,” truth and love, joy and hope! We cannot passively and calmly wait in our church buildings, but we must move out in all directions to proclaim that evil and death do not have the last word, that love is stronger, that we have been liberated and saved by the Lord’s paschal victory in history, that He calls us into the Church, and wants to multiply the number of his disciples and missionaries in building his Kingdom in our continent. We are witnesses and missionaries: in large cities and the countryside, in the mountains and jungles of our Americas, in all the areas of shared social life, in the most varied “Areopagus” settings of the public life of nations, in the extreme situations of existence, assuming ad gentes our concern for the Church’s universal mission” (no. 548).

Source: V General Conference of the Bishops of Latin American and the Caribbean,
Concluding Document, Aparecida, Brazil, May 13-31, 2007
(Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2008)

Below you will find several documents from National Episcopal Conferences and dioceses implementing the Continental Mission across Latin America and the Caribbean.

CELAM I- Continental Guidelines for the Continental Mission
CELAM II- Itinerary for the Continental Mission
La Mision Continental en Chile
La Mision Continental en Argentina
Antillas Episcopal Conference Response- Continental Mission and Catechists
Mision Continental- Honduras
Mision Continental- Columbia
Proyecto Misionero Arquidiocesis de Valencia- Venezuela
Convocacion a la Mision Continental- Santiago de Chile
Lineas Pastorales en la Mision Continental- Santiago de Chile
Plegaria de la Mision Continental
Continental Mission Projects Funded by the Collection for the Church in Latin America 2007-2009