Session Five: Reaping the Fruit – Evaluating results and making decisions (length: 2 hours)

The final session provides support for implementing the plans and decisions identified in the strategic property planning process.

Session Five Support Materials

Support materials are arranged sequentially and are designed to accompany the information presented in the video. The files can be accessed as needed or used in their entirety. Click on each link below to download. 

  1. Examples of perspectives for multi-perspective evaluations

  2. Sample evaluation tool for multi-perspective evaluations

  3. Pros and cons of actively involving membership in processing strategic planning recommendations

  4. Four attributes of a good consensus building process

  5. Examples of consensus assessment approaches

  6. Basic do's and don'ts of decision making

  7. General procedures for alienation of real property

  8. Examples of general benchmarks to help make strategic property planning decisions

  9. Key attributes of collaboration

  10. Typical circumstances prompting religious institutes to consider partnerships with others to sustain ministries

  11. Three opportunities to increase income while simultaneously achieving a religious institute's land preservation goals

  12. Basic considerations for leasing institute space

  13. Ways to soften the blow when a religious institute is required to reduce staffing levels

  14. Tips for effective implementation planning and management

  15. Basic template for an implementation work plan

  16. Role of grief and loss committees

  17. Suggested ways to help membership cope with letting go

  18. List of major session take-away points

  19. Glossary of key terms used in Session 5