Children’s Safety

The American Church strives for protection of its people, healing and reconciliation of those who were not protected, and accountability of those who violated the trust of innocents. On this page you’ll be able to find information and resources regarding children’s safety, victim assistance and frequently asked questions.


Victim's Assistance

If you suffered abuse, it was not your fault. If you are a victim of sexual abuse by a clergy member or individual representing the Catholic Church, there are several things you can do:

  • Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, which can help determine options for making a criminal complaint

  • Contact a local child protection agency, a private attorney, a support group, an abuse hotline, or a mental health professional

  • Contact a diocesan or eparchial victim assistance coordinator who is available to help victims/survivors make a formal complaint of abuse to the diocese or eparchy. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is also available to arrange a personal meeting with the bishop or his representative and to obtain support for the needs of the individual and families.

Victim Assistance Coordinators Around The U.S.

Victim Assistance Coordinators Around The U.S.

Help is available if you or someone you know has been affected by clergy sexual abuse. Find your diocese's victim assistance coordinator at


Frequently Asked Questions

It is our hope that this website provides you with knowledge and empowerment to continue fighting the evils of clergy sexual abuse. However, we know there are always more questions to be answered. Please view our FAQ document for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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