Issues in NFP Programming

Witness Stories

  •  "An Unexpected Journey," Karen D. Poehailos, MD, CFCMC, Diocese of Richmond (2013). Dr. Karen Poehailos, wife, mother and physician, reflects on the road she traveled to become a diocesan NFP coordinator. Her story reveals how surprising God can be as He calls His children to seek the truth.

The following articles are taken from the out-of-print USCCB NFP newsletter, Diocesan Activity Report

  • "Holiness and Sweetness a Call to a Wider Apostolate" Part I: Spirituality, Deacon Walter Sweeney, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1991. Deacon Sweeney offers hope and encouragement to those in the NFP movement. His words inspire teachers and coordinators to recognize their work in Natural Family Planning as a unique gift from God meant to be shared with joy.
  • "Holiness and Sweetness a Call to a Wider Apostolate" Part II: A Wider Apostolate, Deacon Walter Sweeney, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1991. Part II of Deacon Sweeney's reflection. He provides strong encouragement to the NFP community to be courageous with its message. Deacon Sweeney urges leaders to "dig deeper" in order to continually make the movement stronger and full of life.
  • Generating Support for NFP, Rev. Robert R. Cannon, M.A., J.C.L., NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1993. In this article, Rev. Robert R. Cannon presents several challenges evident in the NFP community, as well as potential solutions. He addresses issues regarding clergy support, misinformation and education, as well as finances.
  • Integrating Church Teaching into NFP Instruction, Elizabeth and Charles Balsam, Diocese of Beaumont, TX, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1993. NFP Coordinator Beth Balsam and Diocesan Family Life Director Charles Balsam reveal frank and beautiful insights into NFP as more than a methodology. They remind coordinators to maintain the beauty of marriage within their teachings on Natural Family Planning.
  • "Outgoing, Confident, & Competent:" Diocesan NFP Coordinators and The Implementation of the National Standards, Editorial: Theresa Notare, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1995. Theresa Notare, Assistant Director of the USCCB NFP Program, provides an honest, down-to-earth approach for NFP coordinators and personnel. She stresses the importance of connecting with others in the parish and keeping knowledgeable and positive about the important work of Natural Family Planning within the dioceses.
  • "Witness Couples-A Unique Contribution," Kay Ek, Diocese of St. Cloud, MN, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1995. The Diocese of St. Cloud presents an innovative and effective idea for NFP classes in the form of witness couples who offer their exuberance, experience, and love for one another.
  • NFP in Arlington: Striving for Responsible Parenthood, Robert E. Laird, Assistant Director for Family Life, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, NFP Diocesan Activity Report, 1993. The great success rate of the Diocese of Arlington NFP Program prompted Robert E. Laird to write this article detailing their formula for success found within the clergy, the presenters, and the overall focus of the program.
  • Whistling a Different Tune, Stella Kitchen, NFP Forum, Diocesan Activity Report, 1996. Stella Kitchen, NFP Coordinator of the Diocese of Harrisburg, utilizes humor and bluntness in order to share the good news of uncompromising priests and good physicians willing to preach and practice the truth. This article encourages and uplifts those who may feel weighted down by the obstacles in the NFP movement.
  • Volunteers-Steady Signs of Hope in the Church, Therese Bermpohl, NFP Forum, Diocesan Activity Report, 1996. Therese Bermpohl, USCCB NFP staff, shares powerful and motivating guidelines from Marlene Wilson's book, How to Mobilize Volunteers, as effective strategies for NFP Programs. She highlights the need to keep volunteers feeling welcomed, motivated, utilized, and part of the team.
  • "A Gift for NFP Teachers/Couples," Mary Pat Van Epps, Diocesan Activity Report for NFP, 1990. Mary Pat VanEpps, NFP coordinator for the Diocese of Memphis, shares encouraging stories about her Mother/Daughter and Father/Son programs in the parishes. Mary Pat calls these programs a true gift for families and the NFP movement!