The annual survey of diocesan NFP ministry (Profile) provides a ...

  • National picture of diocesan NFP ministry for the US Catholic bishops

  • Description of the unique character and needs of each diocesan NFP program

  • Means to identify NFP ministry needs for national resource and program development

  • Tool for diocesan NFP program self-evaluation

The Profile is divided into four areas

  1. General information (name of diocesan NFP coordinator, address, etc.)
  2. Program management (how the ministry is structured, e.g., which department it is located in, number of teachers, etc.)
  3. Budget
  4. Program service (what the program provides to the local church, e.g., which NFP methods are offered, how NFP is integrated in marriage preparation programs, etc.)

The data gathered in this survey identifies the strengths and weaknesses of diocesan NFP ministry both locally and nationally. It is an important instrument which helps USCCB NFP Program staff better assist diocesan NFP coordinators and develop resources that will help to facilitate the growth of NFP ministry in the U.S. Catholic dioceses.

The National Diocesan NFP Profile survey can assist in the growth and development of the local diocesan NFP program. Participation in the Profile survey facilitates the NFP coordinator's review of the local NFP services. This information can serve as the basis for an annual report for the bishop. Such a report can not only identify areas of needed improvement but also showcase the accomplishments of the diocesan NFP program. Sharing this information with the on-site NFP teachers can encourage team collaboration that looks to further the develop of the local NFP ministry.

Attention Diocesan NFP Coordinators

The announcement to complete a past year's data is sent in a group email in mid-January. Please check your clutter and junk mail boxes since your firewalls may prohibit this email. All diocesan NFP data should be submitted on-line. If you do not have the Profile form web address, please contact @email or call 1-202-541-3240.

Diocesan NFP Profile Reports


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