9 Days for Life FAQs9 Days for Life is a "digital pilgrimage" of prayer and action focused on cherishing the gift of every person's life. 

A multi-faceted novena highlighting a different intention each day provides reflections, bonus information, and suggested actions.

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9 Days for Life Novena

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While the overarching intention of the novena is the end to abortion, it also addresses topics covering a range of life issues.

Each day's one-page prayer guide focuses on a different intention and is comprised of five short sections:

  1. Intercession
  2. Prayers
  3. Reflection
  4. Acts of Reparation
  5. One Step Further

9 Days for Life Videos

9 Days for Life Facebook Video   Visit our Facebook page to share a short video announcing 9 Days for Life!


9 Days for Life YouTube Video   Visit our YouTube channel to share the short video below with an invitation
   from Cardinal Dolan, Chair of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

9 Days for Life Image Gallery

Visit the 9 Days for Life Image Gallery to download ads, logos, and images with each day's prayer intentions.

9 Days for Life Image Gallery  9 Days for Life Image Gallery  9 Days for Life Image Gallery

9 Days for Life Social Media Toolkit

The 9 Days for Life Social Media Toolkit contains images for use on Facebook accounts, as well as daily posts for Wednesday, January 17 - Saturday, January 27, 2018.


Day 2: January 19, 2018

English / en español

9 Days for Life   English:
   #9DaysforLife: How can we build a culture that
   supports women & respects life? Find out!

   en español:
   #9diasporlavida: ¿Cómo edificar la cultura que
   respete la vida y a la mujer? ¡Descúbrelo!

Respect Life Image Gallery


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Respect Life Social Media Toolkits

Every Life is Worth LivingSocial Media Toolkit: Every Life is Worth Living

Topics include...

Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis
Persons with Disabilities
Assisted Suicide


Social Media Toolkit: Moved by Mercy

Moved by Mercy

Topics include...

Post-Abortion Healing
End of Life Care
Assisted Suicide
Laudato 'Si

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