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Rosary Guide for Healing and Protection English | Spanish
"Promise to Protect" Prayer Card Bilingual 

Blue Pinwheels

The Pinwheel is the national symbol of child abuse prevention efforts. It represents the innocence, joy and fun which should be the experience of all children. Planting Pinwheels on the grounds of the church or school leaves behind a dramatic, visual, public display of support for protecting all of God's children from any kind of harm. You can host a Pinwheel Prayer Service in your diocese or at your parish, see this example worship aid.


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Clips from the Mass for Healing and Reconciliation
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Resources from Survivor-Led Organizations

The Healing Voices

The Healing Voices is a survivor-led organization providing relevant vicitm assistance resources for victim/survivors of clergy sexual abuse, their families, and professionals. 


Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire is a survivor-led organization founded by two survivors, Teresa Pitt Green and Luis Torres, in order to share their stories and provide avenues of healing for other victim/survivors of clergy abuse. 

The Maria Goretti Network

Maria Goretti Network is another survivor-led organization committed to healing and reconciliation for victim/survivors of abuse.