Session Three: Pros from Dover – Working with property professionals (length: 90 minutes)

This session provides detailed guidance for obtaining and working with professional advisors as part of the strategic property planning process.

Session Three Support Materials

Support materials are arranged sequentially and are designed to accompany the information presented in the video. The files can be accessed as needed or used in their entirety. Click on each link below to download. 

  1. Description of typical outside professional assistance needs

  2. Considerations for matching a religious institute's professional assistance needs with a profession

  3. Summary diagram of basic steps in the procurement process

  4. Template for a Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain outside professional assistance

  5. Tips for preparing a good scope of work statement

  6. Advantages of separately obtaining and reviewing a price proposal

  7. Example of price proposal for incorporation into a Request for Proposals (RFP)

  8. Questions to ask when identifying members of a proposal review team

  9. Sample instrument for proposal reviews

  10. Typical weighting of proposal evaluation criteria

  11. Example of indexing method for evaluation of price proposals

  12. Sample summary of proposal review team scores

  13. Ten tips for effective reference checking

  14. Examples of good questions to ask when interviewing outside professionals

  15. Examples of questions to help determine if an outside professional is the right fit

  16. Engagement letter example

  17. List of major session take-aways from Strategic Property Planning Session Three – "Pros from Dover"

  18. Glossary of key terms used in Session 3