NFP Bulletin Inserts

The parish bulletin is a strong vehicle of communication. “Bulletin inserts” (one-two pages) and also "quotes" provide a neat way to raise awareness about the methods of Natural Family Planning and Catholic teaching which support their use in marriage. The following resources can be down-loaded and used in your parish. Married Love and the Gift of Life ⊥ En Español
This easy to read question and answer bulletin insert is a two-page summary of "Married Love and the Gift of Life," the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' pastoral document that provides insight and helpful guidelines on marriage, conjugal love, and responsible parenthood.

Bulletin Quotes 
These Bulletin Quotes are designed to benefit the local parish community by providing a greater understanding of Natural Family Planning, its roots within the Church's teaching on marriage, and practical ways in which to advance the understanding and practice of NFP among parishioners. Quotes are provided by John Paul II, NFP teachers and coordinators, and couples who live the NFP lifestyle.

  • One Flesh ⊥ En Español This bulletin insert highlights the beautiful plan that God has in store for man and woman in the sacred covenant of marriage. While holding firm to Church teaching, the truth and beauty of this message is presented with love and compassion.
  • In Communion ⊥ En Español This bulletin insert discusses the marital "communion of persons" which is lived in the sacrament of marriage. It includes a discussion on the sad reality of the current contraceptive culture.
  • Questions Welcome ⊥ En Español With such emphasis on the challenging aspects of marriage and family life, the USCCB recognizes the common and necessary questions one might ask in pursuit of the truth regarding love and sexuality.

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