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The parish bulletin is a strong vehicle of communication. Bulletin inserts (one-two pages), quotes with web addresses or phone number, and even memes inserted in the parish bulletin can provide effective ways to raise awareness about the methods of Natural Family Planning and Catholic teaching which support their use in marriage.

The bulletin inserts below are arranged alphabetically by title.

Please note that if a bulletin insert was published as part of National NFP Week,
its year is noted below the title.

Please also note that some bulletin inserts are not available in Spanish.
For those bulletin inserts, you have our permission to translate the text for your
parishioners with the words: "Copyright 2021, Unites States Conference of
Catholic Bishops, reprinted with permission. Translated by (insert name here)."

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  • Called to the Joy of Love--Natural Family Planning, Supporting God's gifts of love and life in marriage
    (2022 NFP Week) English | Español
    This two-page bulletin insert proclaims that "God is love" and that this love takes on a unique role in marriage. It also discusses how the methods of Natural Family Planning are a real support to married couples.
  • Conjugal Love and Responsible Parenthood - Love, Mercy, Life, Natural Family Planning, Opening the Heart of Marriage
    (2016 NFP Week)
    This two-page bulletin insert reflects upon the Church's teaching on conjugal love and responsible parenthood through the lens of love, mercy, and life. Download the bulletin insert here:  Front BACK
  • Generations of Love
    (2018 NFP Week)
    Key teachings from Humanae vitae are discussed in this two-page bulletin insert.

    "Generations of Love" Writable NFP Poster: English | Español
    This "writable" version the 2018 NFP Week poster allows you to insert local NFP class information or other marriage and family life parish or diocesan events.
  • In Communion  |  En Español
    The marital "communion of persons" is discussed within the context of the Sacrament of Marriage.
  • It's Time! Say "Yes" to God's Plan for Married Love
    (2017 NFP Week)
    The text provides an aid for the reader to understand that Church teaching on conjugal love and the gift of life is a positive "Yes" to God's gifts to husband and wife. The methods of NFP are shown to respect God's  design.
  • Live the Truth and Beauty of God's Plan for Married Love! Español
    (2020 NFP Week)
    God's gifts of love, life, and freedom are discussed within the context of marital love and responsible parenthood. NFP is presented as an ethical means to embrace God's will for husband and wife.
  • Love, Naturally!
    (From NFP Week 2019)
    God's command that husband and wife be stewards of His gift of procreation in marriage is discussed. The natural methods of family planning are shown to cooperate with God's design.
  • Marriage: One Flesh, Given and Received Español
    (From NFP Week 2023)
    This bulletin insert reflects upon Jesus' love and how He sanctified marriage and elevated it to represent His love for His Church. Marriage “in the Lord,” therefore mirrors the very love of Christ! That is what is unique about Christian marriage and it has parallels to the Lord's gift of Himself in the Eucharist. The text also teaches about conjugal love and responsible parenthood and the ethical methods of NFP.
  • Married Love and the Gift of Life  | Español
    This brief document of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops summarizes Church teaching on marriage, conjugal love, and responsible parenthood in an easy to read question and answer format. It is posted here in its entirety (12 pages) and available to download in an abbreviated two-page bulletin insert below. To order copies of the document, contact: USCCB Publishing, 1-800-235-8722. Ask for publication, #5-787.

    Parish Bulletin Insert  | Español
    This resource summarizes key teachings from Married Love and the Gift of Life in two pages.

    You may also want to provide this webpage for parishioners to download the audio MP3 files in English or Spanish. English Audio; MP3 | Spanish Audio; MP3

  • One Flesh  |  En Español  
    The union of husband and wife is reflected upon in the sacred covenant of marriage.
  • To Have ... To Hold ... To Honor  English | Spanish
    (2021 NFP Week)
    The text reflects upon the marriage promises of husband and wife in relation to God's gifts of life and love. NFP methods are discussed briefly as a support to God's gifts.

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