Walking with Moms in Need

Religious Freedom Week 2022: June 22

Pray that local churches and communities will have the vision and the freedom to walk with moms in need. 


To build a culture of life and dignity for all, the Church must support women and children.  In 2020, the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities launched Walking with Moms in Need, which seeks to help parishes become places where pregnant and parenting women can find support and accompaniment.  Catholic Charities of Central Florida answered this call by organizing a “diaper drop.”  With some help from the Knights of Columbus, they were able to provide diapers and other hygiene products to mothers in need.  With so many people out of work during the COVID pandemic, the program has been a true blessing to many.  This is the kind of missionary work that the Church seeks to protect through its defense of religious freedom, and that all of us must commit to if we are to promote a culture of life. 


As part of the nationwide effort Walking with Moms in Need, parishes that have the support of their bishop and pastor are asked to complete a simple inventory of the resources currently available in their local area, assess the results and identify gaps, and plan and implement a parish response based on their findings.  Learn about how your parish can accompany women and children at www.walkingwithmoms.com.   


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