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An Excuse for Bigotry? 

Religious Freedom and Sexual Morality

By Angela Franks

A lesbian pastor in Mississippi recently explained a problem she has with Christians who assert their right to religious freedom when it comes to their moral convictions.  “You’re being treated with disrespect, as a second-class citizen—not even a citizen, an outsider,” she states. “And after a while, that begins to tear a person down, to hurt them emotionally and spiritually. Rejection is hard for everyone, and we get it over and over.”

Indeed, many Americans would agree. Religious liberty may be fine as far as it goes, they think, but when one person’s religion clashes with another person’s sexual preferences, it goes too far.

We tend to believe this because we equate sexual conduct with personal identity. That is, we often believe that objecting to sexual actions is equivalent to objecting to the persons who are acting, and objecting to persons is equivalent to bigotry.

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August 30, 2021

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July 26, 2021

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