Faith at Work

Religious Freedom Week 2023: June 27

Pray that business leaders would promote a culture that welcomes faith at work. 

The Catholic Church calls the lay faithful to bring their faith to bear on all spheres of life.  Christians are Christian not only when they pray or serve in a non-profit ministry.  Catholics also seek to live out their faith in their work lives.  Christians are not the only ones who should be able to live out their religion in a holistic way.  All people should be free to allow faith to guide them in their daily affairs, even in work and business.  Religious freedom conflicts can arise when an employee seeks accommodation for his or her practices, such as an exception to a dress code in order to wear certain religious clothing or a request to have certain days or times—like the Sabbath or certain times for prayer—accommodated in scheduling.  Another kind of religious freedom conflict involves cases where the business itself runs afoul of some government policy. For example, a government may require employers to cover certain products or procedures in their healthcare plans that the employer believes to be immoral, or a government may require creative professionals to produce speech that violates their religious convictions.  In all of these scenarios, a culture that embraces the divine gift of freedom will be one that makes as much space as possible for persons to participate in work life in accordance with their religious convictions. 

Individuals have the right to receive accommodations from employers for their religious practices.  Businesses have the right to operate in accordance with religious principles.  How do you see faith in action at work?  Share your story with us! @USCCBFreedom #ReligiousFreedomWeek 

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