Catholic Healthcare

Religious Freedom Week 2023: June 29

Pray that governments will respect the consciences of all individuals and institutions that care for the sick and vulnerable. 

For centuries, Christians have carried on the healing ministry of Christ by building institutions dedicated to medicine and accompaniment of the dying.  However, Catholic hospitals and medical professionals face numerous challenges to their mission today.  Activists have sought to undermine the Church’s mission by forcing Catholic hospitals to perform procedures that destroy human life and undermine human dignity, such as sterilization, gender reassignment surgery, and even abortion, and people of faith who work in secular institutions may find themselves coerced into performing abortions.  Over the past year, the Biden Administration proposed a cascade of changes to federal regulations, many of which removed conscience protections from healthcare institutions and individuals.  A culture that embraces the gift of divine freedom is one that respects the consciences of hospitals and professionals who seek to carry out the healing ministry of Christ. 

The period for submitting comments on these proposed regulations has ended, but our advocacy continues.  Sign up to receive alerts new opportunities to let government agencies in Washington know that you support the Church’s right to operate her institutions in accordance with her faith in Jesus Christ. 

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