Catholic disciples on mission are called to put Two Feet of Love in Action! This foundational tool describes two distinct, but complementary, ways we can put the Gospel in action in response to God's love: social justice (addressing systemic, root causes of problems that affect many people) and charitable works (addressing immediate needs and providing emergency assistance).

The Two Feet of Love in Action

The Two Feet of Love in Action

As missionary disciples, we are called to respond to God’s love through both Charitable Works and Social Justice. This video on the Two Feet of Love in Action is perfect for sharing on social media and in your networks.

Learn more about the Two Feet using these resources!

Two Feet of Love in Action handout in color (in grayscale) - This simple handout provides practical examples of stepping with each foot. |  en Español.

Two Feet of Love in Action brochure - This brochure offers a simple overview of the Two Feet. You can also print the brochure to share with others. | en Español.

Two Feet of Love in Action reflection - This brief reflection concisely explains the Two Feet of Love model and is perfect for featuring in a newsletter or the Sunday bulletin. This reflection originally appeared in THE RECORD, a newspaper of the Archdiocese of Louisville, by Yohan Garcia, CST Education Manager, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. | en Español.

Two Feet of Love in Action Facilitators Guide - This guide includes an extensive session outline with activities and worksheets to share the Two Feet of Love in Action with adult and young adult audiences. | en Español.

Two Feet of Love in Action Session for Teens - This session guide includes interactive, creative activities and materials for your group of high school age participants to explore the Two Feet.

Green Street Park cover art. Drop by Drop cover art. everyone-belongs-montage

Two Feet of Love in Action Elementary Storybooks - Created in collaboration with Loyola Press, Green Street Park and Drop by Drop offer parents, teachers and children in grades K-5, examples of how to participate in solutions to important problems that affect the lives and dignity of others.

Order the books from Loyola Press: Green Street ParkDrop by Drop, and Everyone Belongs.

Making Service Transformational

We can sometimes have a tendency to view service projects as isolated events that start upon arrival at the service site and end upon exit. This tendency can mean a missed opportunity to make service truly transformational for both those who serve and for those served. Interested in how to make service transformational? There’s a tried and true process for service called Act, Reflect, Transform that can help you make the most of service!