In our own day, the State finds itself having to address the limitations to its sovereignty imposed by the new context of international trade and finance, which is characterized by increasing mobility both of financial capital and means of production, material and immaterial. This new context has altered the political power of States.
--Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, No. 24, 2009


Backgrounder on Trade

NAFTA and International Public Health: An Interfaith Call for Access to Medicines
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, May 15, 2018

Joint Statement: Renegotiating NAFTA: Rebuilding our Economic Relationship in Solidarity, Mutual Trust, and Justice | en Español
Bishop Oscar Cantú, Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Bishop Leopoldo González González, Archbishop Carlos Garfias Merlos, and Bishop Guillermo Ortiz Mondragón, November 15, 2017

Letter to International Monetary Fund Urging Moratorium on Debt Payments for Caribbean Nations
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and Bishop Oscar Cantú, September 20, 2017

Comments on the Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement
Bishop Frank J. Dewane and Bishop Oscar Cantú, Submitted to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on June 12, 2017

Joint Letter to U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer on Moral Principles and the Evaluation of Proposed Trade Deals
Bishop Frank J. Dewane and Bishop Oscar Cantú, May 12, 2017

Joint Letter to Secretary of Commerce Ross Regarding Moral Principles and the  Evaluation of  Proposed Trade Deals
Bishop Frank J. Dewane and Bishop Oscar Cantú, April 4, 2017

Letter to the Security and Exchange Commission Urginully Intact and Enforced Conflict Minerals Rule
Bishop Oscar Cantú, February 23, 2017

Letter to Acting National Security Advisor Kellogg on Congo Conflict Minerals Act
Bishop Oscar Cantú, February 14, 2017

Media News Release: In Opposition to Congressional Review Action to Repeal Transparency in Extractive Industries
Bishop Oscar Cantú urges Congress to rejecongressional Review Act that would repeal rules designed to institute greater transparency and accountability in the payments that oil and mining companies make to foreign governments.

EU and US Bishops' Recommendations on the Negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Reinhard Cardinal Marx and Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz, June 14, 2016
Letter of Solidarity to Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano (CELAM) Supporting its Petition foearing Before the Inter-American Commission on the Human Rights Regarding the Extractive Industries
Bishop Oscar Cantú, March 17, 2015

Letter to Congressional Leaders on Trade Agreements
Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski and Bishop Oscar Cantú, January 26, 2015

Letter to Senators Leahy and Flake on U.S. Policy on Trade with Cuba
Bishop Richard E. Pates, February 20, 2014

Letter to Senate Committee on Finance and the House Committee on Ways and Means Concerning Trade Principles
Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski and Bishop Richard E. Pates, January 16, 2014

Letter to Secretary of State Kerry Regarding Mérida Initiative
Bishop Richard E. Pates and Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski, January 6, 2014

Letter to Ambassador Michael Froman on His Confirmation as US Trade Representative and USCCB Concerns on US Trade Policy
Bishop Stephen E. Blaire and Bishop Richard E. Pates, July 19, 2013

Letter to G8 from Bishops' Conferences of G8 Nations
Timothy Cardinal Dolan, June 3, 2013
Letter of Solidarity with the Church and People of DRC
Bishop Richard E. Pates, May 3, 2013

Background on Natural Resources
February 2013
Background on Extractive Industries
February 2012 Letter to Senate Committee on Finance Regarding  Trade Agreements
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, Apri 2011
Letter to House Committee on Ways and Means on Trade Agreements
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, March 24, 2011
Letter to the SEC on Proposed Conflict Minerals Rules
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard and Ken Hackett, February 8, 2011
Letter to the SEC on Proposed Extractives Transparency Rules
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard and Ken Hackett, February 9, 2011

Resources on Trade dating before 2011

Letter to the U.S. Trade Representative on the Andean Trade Preferences Act
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, June 23, 2010

Joint Letter in Support of the Energy Security Through Transparency Ac 1700
Bishop Howard Hubbard, Mr. Ken Hackett, May 3, 2010

Letter Supporting the Conflict Minerals Act, S. 891
Bishop Howard Hubbard, February 19, 2010

Letter Supporting the Conflict Minerals Trade AcR 4128
Bishop Howard Hubbard, December 17, 2009

Letters to Congressional Committees on the Effects of Excessive Speculation in the Food Crisis
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop Frank J. Dewane, May 6, 2009
Background on International Food Crisis
February 2009

USCCB Testimony on Oversight of U.S. Preference Programs before Senate Committee on Finance
Fr. Andrew Small, OMI, June 12, 2008

Letter to Secretary Paulson, Amb. Schwab, and Congressional Leaders on Trade Measures
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, February 25, 2008

Letter to Speaker Pelosi, Secretary Paulson, and Ambassador Schwab on Trade Policy
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, May 18, 2007

Religious Working Group on the Farm Bill
March 16, 2007

The Globalized Economy: Challenges to the Church in the U.S.
October 3-5, 1996

Letter to House Representatives Urging Support of HR6142: Trade Preferences to Haiti
Bishop Thomas Wenski, September 25, 2006

Letter to Ambassador Schwab on Trade Relationship Between the United States and Vietnam
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, August 24, 2006

Letter to the New York Times Editor in Response to "Clock is Ticking on Global Trade Talks"
Bishop Thomas Wenski, June 30, 2006

Letter to Secretary Rice Urging Support for Trade Preferences for Haiti
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, Ken Hackett, April 10, 2006

Letter to Ambassador Portman Urging Support for Trade Preferences for Haiti
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, Ken Hackett, April 10, 2006

Letter to Senate and House Majority and Minority Leaders on the Hope Act
Bishop Thomas Wenski, December 7, 2005

Letter to US Trade Representative on Free Trade Agreement with the Andean Nations of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Bishop Thomas Wenski, November 28, 2005

Letter on Doha Development Round of Trade Negotiations
Bishop William Skylstad, October 21, 2005

Joint Communiqué of the Latin American and North American Bishops
September 8, 2005

Statement Reacting to G8 Summit
Bishop John Ricard, July 11, 2005

Letter to President Bush Before G8 Summit
Bishop William Skylstad, June 28, 2005

Letter to Congress on Central American Free Trade Act (CAFTA)
Bishop John Ricard and Bishop Robert Lynch, June 16, 2005

Letter to Sen. Grassley on Agricultural Subsidies
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop John H. Ricard, April 1, 2005

Communiqué of Andean and U.S. BishopsEn Español
February 10, 2005

Letter to Ambassador Zoellick on Trade Negotiations in Doha Development Round
Bishop John H. Ricard, July 26, 2004

Joint Statement on United States-Central American Free Trade Agreement (US-CAFTA) | En Español
USCCB and Bishops' Secretariat of Central America (SEDAC), July 21, 2004

Recommendations to the U.S. Trade Representative | En Español
Catholic Relief Services, October, 2003

Statement on the World Trade Organization Meetings in Cancun
Bishop John H. Ricard, September 10, 2003

Letter to Ambassador Zoellick on Proposed Trade Agreement for Central America (CAFTA)En Español
Bishop John H. Ricard, February 11, 2003

For the Dignity of the Land, For the Dignity of Mexico | En Español
Mexican Bishops Social Action Commission, January 2003

Conference on Humanizing the Global Economy
January 28-30, 2002

Introductory Remarks: Bishop Wilton D. GregoryMonseñor Jorge Jiménez CarvajalArchbishop Brendan M. O'Brien, and Bernard Cardinal Law
January 28, 2002
Keynote Address, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, January 28, 2002
Address, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, January 30, 2002

Letter to Congress on Fast Track Authority
November 5, 1997

A Catholic Framework for Economic Life
U.S. Catholic Bishops, November 1996

A Decade After "Economic Justice for All:" Continuing Principles Changing Context, New Challenges
U.S. Catholic Bishops, November 1995

Letter on NAFTA to U.S. Senate
Msgr. Robert N. Lynch, November 8, 1993

Letter on NAFTA to U.S.Trade Representative Kantor
Msgr. Robert N. Lynch, June 29, 1993

Statement  to U.S. Trade Representative's Hearing on NAFTA
Bishop Anthony M. Pilla, September 9, 1991

Letter to U. S. Trade Representative Hills on NAFTA
Msgr. Robert N. Lynch, June 4, 1991

Economic Justice for All
National Conference of Catholic Bishops, November 13, 1986