Catholic Social Services During the Pandemic

Religious Freedom Week 2021: June 23

Pray that God would continue to grant Catholic institutions the wisdom and courage to serve a world suffering the effects of the COVID pandemic.

The COVID pandemic has inflicted deep wounds on our country.  Grandparents and parents have been lost to families.  Children have suffered during a formative time of life.  Many people have lost jobs.  Pope Francis calls the Church to help heal the world, and this world desperately needs healing.  Thankfully, many people, including Catholics, stepped in to serve.  Catholic schools, like the Archdiocese of Boston, have led in showing how to safely reopen schools.  In Hawaii, Catholic Charities worked to help renters get access to government relief programs.  In addition to its regular work of advocacy, Catholic Charities U.S.A. has provided personal protective equipment, organized food donations, and started the Francis Fund for Eviction Protection.  

Catholic Charities works to help the most vulnerable.  Find your local Catholic Charities and see how you can get involved today!


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