The Equality Act

Religious Freedom Week 2021: June 24

Pray that the dignity of all people will be respected in our country.

Every human person is made in God's image and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  That means we need to honor every person’s right to gainful and decent employment free of unjust discrimination or harassment, and to the basic goods that they need to live and thrive.  The Equality Act purports to protect people experiencing same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria from discrimination in these and other areas.  But at the core of the Equality Act is the codification of the new ideology of “gender” in federal law, dismissing sexual difference and falsely presenting “gender” as only a social construct.  As Pope Francis has reflected, “It is one thing to be understanding of human weakness and the complexities of life, and another to accept ideologies that attempt to sunder what are inseparable aspects of reality.”  By requiring all Americans to speak and act as if there is no meaningful distinction between the sexes and as if gender has no connection to the body, the Equality Act legally and socially harms Americans in serious ways and injures the common good.  

The Equality Act discriminates against people of faith and, by including a potential abortion mandate, threatens unborn life.  Tell your elected officials to oppose it


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