Free Speech

Religious Freedom Week 2021: June 29

Free speech

Pray that Christians will have the courage to speak the truth with kindness and clarity, even in the face of adversity.

One of the promises of our country is that many voices, even voices expressing minority views, have a right to express themselves.  Is that promise being fulfilled?  Just this year, a book on problems with gender ideology by a prominent commentator was removed from Amazon.  A Catholic news outlet had its Twitter account suspended for noting that a government official who claims to be a transgender woman is a biological male.  While these companies may have a right to control the materials they help to distribute, it is disturbing that the views of some can be protected from scrutiny, particularly when these views do not promote human flourishing.  On the feast day of two of our boldest preachers of the gospel, Sts. Peter and Paul, who faced intense hostility, let us resolve to have the courage to speak the truth with grace.  And let us pray that the Lord will give us the prudence to be creative and compassionate in our witness.

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