Religious Freedom Week 2018

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May nurses, doctors, therapists, and all ministers of healing be strengthened by the Holy Spirit in their imitation of Christ's compassion and care for the sick.


Acts of healing were central to the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ.  Christians have over centuries developed healthcare ministries dedicated to the study and practice of medicine.  Indeed, the Church invented the hospital as we know it.  Today, orders like the Little Sisters of the Poor serve elderly low-income Americans of all backgrounds, yet the Little Sisters' work is at risk because of lawsuits brought by the states of California and Pennsylvania against the expanded religious and moral exemption to the HHS mandate.  In New York, Catholic medical professionals - like nurse Cathy DeCarlo - have been forced to violate their consciences and participate in abortions.  It is unthinkable that we would undermine our mission to heal by destroying innocent life and harming the persons for whom we are called to care.

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