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Pray that, like Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, we might have the wisdom and the courage to be good servants of our country, though always servants of God first.

Religious Freedom Week is a fitting time to reflect not only on religious liberty, but on what it means to be both American and Catholic.  Perhaps somewhat ironically, two English saints point us in the right direction.  We remember the martyrs Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, in part, because they were steadfast in the truth, and thus exemplify courage in the exercise of conscience.  They also show us what patriotism means for Christians.  They loved and served their country.  Thomas More carried out his lay vocation as a civil servant, while John Fisher lived out the clerical vocation as a most faithful bishop.  At the same time, when forced to choose between the king of England and Christ the King of the Universe, they adhered to Jesus and His Church.  We need the fortitude and wisdom to animate the Church today, as we navigate these tumultuous times.  Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More, pray for us!

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