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Pray that our Christian sisters and brothers in the Middle East, and all religious minorities, who are suffering from attacks by extremists and interminable conflicts may be freed from violent persecution.

In January 2018, Pope Francis warned that Christians “face challenges today that demean human dignity: they flee from situations of conflict and poverty; are victims of the trafficking of human beings…; they suffer hardships and hunger, in a world ever richer in means and poorer in love, where inequalities continue to increase.”  This is especially true in the Middle East, where wars have caused thousands, including Christians, to flee from Syria and Iraq into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and beyond, where their presence taxes meager resources.  Will they be able to return and if so, will they find the security needed to rebuild their lives and livelihoods?  With the number of Christians declining there, will the Middle East lose the unique contributions that Christians have made over the centuries?  

The Church in the United States stands in solidarity with Christians in the Middle East.  Consider joining efforts to support Middle Eastern Christians with a donation to the Knights of Columbus, Aid to the Church in Need, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Near East Welfare Association.


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