2021 Message to Congress


Make Justice Your Aim: Rebuilding Together-Catholic Message to Congress | en Español - This document outlines the legislative priorities for the 2021 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering advocacy day.

As Catholics, we are called to respond to the suffering of our sisters and brothers and work together to rebuild our communities in the wake of this difficult and traumatic year.  We are living amid a pandemic with severe health, economic and social consequences.  These difficulties are not confined to the United States.  Conflict related hunger, famine, and COVID-19 are on the rise in the developing world.  Existing disparities and systemic inequities have been made abundantly clear as we grapple with how to respond to a pervasive virus and racial injustice.  With a new Administration and a new Congress, we, as Catholics, want to work with you to achieve greater justice for all.  

Hundreds of Catholic leaders around our country are meeting virtually for the 2021 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering.  Our faith asks us all to strive for justice, promote healing and restoration, defend human life and dignity, and work together for the common good.  Below are issues that we, as one Catholic voice, bring to Congress at the start of 2021.

Provide Additional COVID-19 Relief that Meets the Needs of the Poor and Vulnerable

Provide additional COVID-19 relief that addresses peoples’ need for food, housing, health care, employment and income support, and safety in prisons and detention facilities.  The aid provided in past legislation has been a lifeline to the record numbers of people experiencing hardship.

Continue to work together to help and protect the most vulnerable for the duration of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

Make Poor and Vulnerable People an International Funding Priority

Increase funding for international poverty-reducing development and humanitarian programs in Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations to save lives, address the root causes of conflicts, and reduce crushing poverty. 

Provide at least $20 billion in emergency spending in the next COVID-19 relief bill to respond to immediate and longer-term impacts of COVID-19 on poor and vulnerable people overseas.

Support Immigration Reform

Support bipartisan immigration reform that gives a path to citizenship to the undocumented, addresses root causes, protects farmworkers, upholds the rule of law, and restores due process for asylum seekers.


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