Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

Religious Freedom Week 2022: June 25

Pray that civic leaders would promote life and dignity for all. 


The Hyde Amendment, contained in the federal government’s annual appropriations legislation, prohibits federal funding of abortions in the United States, except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.  It is a bipartisan provision that has been part of federal appropriations for 45 years (since 1976) and enjoys overwhelming public support.  The Hyde Amendment has served as the model for dozens of other federal policies that prohibit the government from funding abortion in other areas (for example, in foreign assistance programs, trafficking programs, community health programs, or health insurance).  In addition to being widely supported by Americans, Hyde and Hyde-related policies save lives and respect the consciences of Americans.  


No taxpayer abortion!  Tell Congress not to take innocent lives.  Sign the petition today! 


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