Adoption and Foster Care

Religious Freedom Week 2022: June 24

Pray that people of faith will continue to have the freedom to serve in the life-affirming ministry of adoption and foster care. 


The command to care for the orphan appears throughout the Scriptures.  Over the centuries, the Church has responded to this call by building adoption and foster care institutions.  These institutions will become even more vital, as we take new steps in building a culture of life and dignity for all in the United States.  Sadly, in many places, those who seek to advance sexual orientation/gender identity causes have gone out of their way to challenge Christian adoption and foster care services who continue to uphold the truth about marriage.  Intolerance for religious organizations has real consequences, and in this case, it is both vulnerable children and prospective parents who want to work with faith-affirming agencies who suffer.  It is critical that our civic leaders give the Church the space to continue to serve life and dignity for all through adoption and foster care. 


The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act prevents faith-based child welfare service providers from being targeted by government discrimination.  The Act would prohibit the federal government and any state that receives certain federal funding from excluding child welfare providers who believe that children deserve to be placed with a married mother and father.  Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative today and ask them to co-sponsor and support the federal Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act


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