Freedom to Speak the Truth

Religious Freedom Week 2024: June 24

Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us the courage to bear witness to the truth of the gospel, even in the face of social and legal pressure. 

All baptized Christians are called to share the joy of the gospel with others.  But in numerous settings—schools, the workplace, health care—individuals are being pressured to conform to the orthodoxy of gender ideology.  Under the current administration, government agencies are proposing regulations that, in the name of prohibiting harassment, would chill or prohibit speech that upholds the nature of conjugal marriage, the bodily reality of human beings, and even the sanctity of life.  We certainly should approach people who disagree with us on these issues with tenderness and compassion, but that does not mean we should be forced to speak untruthfully.  And in a pluralistic society, the government should afford ample space for people of different backgrounds and worldviews to be able to work together.  

Be an example of how people of faith can voice beliefs about love and marriage with clarity and compassion. The Love Means More initiative is an ongoing campaign that takes a deep dive into the meanings of love. It is a versatile resource for Catholic catechists, as well as “seekers” from any religious background, but also welcomes those who profess no religious background at all.  Learn more at

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