Post-WYD Resources

Life beyond WYD is just as important, if not more important, than the preparations for the trip and the mountaintop moments in July 2016. The events may be over, but the pilgrimage continues! Use the following resources to continue your pilgrimage after World Youth Day.

  • The weekly #WYDWednesday blog. . . focuses on the post-WYD experience. Specifically, read the blog post from August 3 by USCCB president Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, focusing specifically on life beyond World Youth Day in Krakow and Stateside. 
  • Paul Jarzembowski, World Youth Day USA Coordinator, shares some practical advice on how to integrate your World Youth Day experience back into everyday life in this video.
  • The Catholic Apostolate Center, in collaboration with the USCCB, has developed some great resources for use by pilgrims and leaders after World Youth Day. Check out their website for World Youth Day. . . or the official Catholic Apostolate Center Website. . . for various resources.
  • The "Pilgrimage" mobile app. . . , coordinated by the American Bible Society in collaboration with the USCCB, is a digital means by which pilgrims can continue the journey through their mobile devices. 
  • The WYDUSA Retreat Manual includes a post-WYD retreat that leaders can use to unpack the WYD experience with their groups (note the retreat plan starts on page 69): eBook. . . | PDF
  • The WYDUSA International and Stateside Leader Guides include ideas for post-WYD engagement of pilgrims. For the International Guide, see page 67 and onward: eBook. . . | PDF. For the Stateside Guide, see page 57 onward: English eBook. . . | English PDF | Spanish eBook . . . | Spanish PDF
  • Connect with the WYDUSA Alumni Network for pilgrims to continue to engage beyond World Youth Day. Connect with the Alumni Network on our webpage or on Facebook.
  • Stay connected with WYDUSA by following us on Twitter

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