World Youth Day Lisbon - 2023

Lisbon was the seat of the most recent World Youth Day. Taking place in July of 2023, pilgrims enjoyed many aspects of this WYD. Among the most notable were the excursions many groups took to Fatima, the Stations of the Cross, and the words of the Holy Father Pope Francis at the closing Mass.

WYD Lisbon Interview with Dana Scallon

WYD Lisbon Interview with Dana Scallon

Dana Scallon, who sang the theme song for WYD Denver in 1993, reflects on her experience in preparation for WYD Lisbon in 2023. This interview provides insight into the ever-growing list of international celebration of the Church's young people.

The Highlights

Vigil at the Campo da Graca

August 5th, marked the vigil in the Campo da Graca for WYD Lisbon, pilgrims enjoyed festivities and spent the night in anticipation of the commissioning mass the next day, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, where Christ was revealed as the Son of God to His disciples. 

The commissioning mass marks the final central event of World Youth Day Lisbon, encouraging all in attendance to bring the flame sparked by the last few days back with them to their home countries.

WYD Stations of the Cross

Pope Francis led the Stations of the Cross in Lisbon. In commemoration of the Passion, the Stations of the Cross is a popular devotion of Our Lord's Crucifixion.

The Pope said to those present, "Jesus walks, but the way that is most engraved in our hearts is the way of Calvary, the way of the cross. And today you go with prayer, we, me too, with prayer to renew the way of the cross. And let us look at Jesus who is passing by and let us walk with him."

The Patriarch of Lisbon Celebrates Welcoming Mass and Delivers Homily to Young People

On August 1st, Cardinal Manuel Clemente, Patriarch of Lisbon, celebrated the welcoming mass and gave his homily to all those gathered in the Colina do Encontro

During his homily, Cardinal Clemente told young people, "Mary carried in her womb the 'blessed fruit' that was Jesus. Christians also carry Him, spiritually and actually because they receive Him in the Word, the sacraments, and in charity, where He offers Himself. Since we believe in Jesus as a path to God, we walk with Him to bring Him to others. With the same impulse that led Mary, in the same Spirit that leads us, let us head out!"