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WYDUSA Pilgrim Year Calendars (Coming Soon!)

Join pilgrims across the United States in preparation for World Youth Day 2023. If your pilgrimage takes place in Portugal or the USA, you are part of an international journey started by Saint John Paul II and lead by Christ, into the heart of the Church. As Bishop Caggiano stressed at the beginning of the Pilgrim Year of Preparation, the international World Youth Day celebration seems distant, but the pilgrimage preparation must begin immediately. The World Youth Day Office is developing a calendar to help you prepare your heart and mind for the pilgrimage ahead. This calendar highlights saints associated with World Youth Day (and in particular the host country Portugal), as well as dates and people important to the United States of America. It also includes connections to all the past World Youth Day gatherings. Our hope is that you take time to pray and learn about these special events and people throughout the coming year - and incorporate your U.S. Catholic heritage into your faith life and your pilgrim journey. 


As you prepare for World Youth Day, open your hearts and minds to the wisdom, courage and strength that awaits you in this blessed experience. It will impact your faith in a tremendous way.
-- Bishop Edward J Burns 

Pilgrim Year of Preparation Resources

Find the following resources to help your spiritual journey toward World Youth Day:

ECUMENICAL GUIDE: Information and resources on how you can share your experience of WYD with other faiths

PRAYER: The official World Youth Day Prayer for the United States

LOCAL SITES: Information on sites of Catholic heritage in the USA

WYDUSA OFFICIAL PATRON SAINTS: Information on the WYDUSA official patron saints

RESOURCES: Spiritual Preparation for WYD

STATESIDE GUIDE: Who says you have to go to Lisbon to be a part of the WYD celebration? Use our Stateside Guide to help plan a WYD gathering in your area!     English PDF. Stateside guides in Spanish are coming soon!

2018-2019 Pilgrim Calendar: PDF of the July 2018 - December 2018 WYDUSA Pilgrim Calendar.

Check out a comprehensive list of American saints and blesseds to further celebrate American Catholic heritage and learn about other pilgrims who listened to God's mission for their lives.

Throughout the Pilgrim Year of Preparation, we encourage you to pray the World Youth Day USA prayer as often as you are able.

 A World Youth Day pilgrim becomes emotional as a priest hears her confession at Sacred  Heart Church in Krakow, Poland, July 28. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

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