Preparation Webinars and Videos

As we gear up for World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, the USCCB WYDUSA office in collaboration with the Catholic Apostolate Center. . . , will host several webinars presenting pilgrim group leaders with information about WYD. Stay tuned for updates.

World Youth Day Webinars

World Youth Day is meant for the whole world. In that spirit, all Catholic pastoral leaders working with youth, collegians, and young adults are invited to participate in a series of upcoming webinars on the forthcoming international celebration – regardless of your plans to travel internationally or not. Mark your calendar for upcoming dates (TBD) and topics and check out the recordings of our past webinars.

Webinars are hosted in collaboration with Catholic Apostolate Center. . . and Ministry Training Source. . . .

Final webinar for WYD 2023 June 11th, 2023. Link here.

World Youth Day Informational Videos

The WYDUSA Office at the USCCB developed several videos for WYD Lisbon 2023. The following videos provide helpful information for leaders and pilgrims that can assist in preparation for Lisbon.

Preparation for World Youth Day: Lisbon 2023--Young Hoang

Preparation for World Youth Day: Lisbon 2023--Craig Gould

Preparation for World Youth Day: Lisbon 2023--Victoria Hathaway

Preparation for World Youth Day: Lisbon 2023--Lisa Gomes


Pilgrims should be sure to pack a personal portable AM/FM radio to World Youth Day for easy access to translation services during the WYD main events.



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