Policy and Advocacy for Justice and Peace in the Arabian Peninsula

Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Letter to Secretary of State Pompeo on Escalating Tensions with Iran
(Referencing Conflict in Syria, Iraq and Yemen)
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, June 18, 2019

Letter to Congress on Situation in Yemen
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, December 4, 2018

Letter to Congress Regarding Yemen and Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, July 19, 2018

Letter to National Security Advisor McMaster on Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
Bishop Oscar Cantú, August 2, 2017

Letter to Congress Regarding Conflict and Famine in Yemen
Bishop Oscar Cantú, May 19, 2017

USCCB Administrative Committee Honors ‘Martyrs of Charity' Murdered on March 4 in Yeman
March 8, 2016