Resources for Young Adults

Looking for a young adult ministry in your area?

View our diocesan list below to see if your diocese has a young adult ministry and how to contact them.

Please note that not every diocese has a webpage, or sometimes even an office appointed for young adult ministry. For such dioceses on this list, the links provided direct you to the office that currently handles young adult ministry (e.g. adult faith formation, evangelization, youth ministry, etc.)

Note (Sept 2019): This document is temporarily unavailable for needed updates.

*If you notice that your diocese's information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact our office at @email or 202-541-3044.

Young Adult Ministry in a Box

Busted Halo Ministries. . . , in collaboration with the national and diocesan young adult ministry leaders, has developed a collection of the best practices in young adult pastoral ministry and evangelization called "Young Adult Ministry in a Box." This resource includes easy-to-follow young adult activities, tips from experienced veterans, and a guide giving an overview and basics of the ministry field.

Learn more about the resource and sign up at: . . .

Young Adult Ministry Conferences

The National Advisory Team on Young Adult Ministry hosts gatherings for all in the Church interested in improving ministry to and with young adults in the Church. Resources from these gatherings are available at the following links.

 Take Action

Visit the USCCB's Action Center to get involved and answer the call to discipleship.

Human beings are themselves considered consumer goods to be used and then discarded. We have created a “throwaway” culture which is now spreading. It is no longer simply about exploitation and oppression, but something new. Exclusion ultimately has to do with what it means to be a part of the society in which we live; those excluded are no longer society’s underside or its fringes or its disenfranchised–they are no longer even a part of it. The excluded are not the “exploited” but the outcast, the “leftovers”. -Pope Francis (11/24/13)

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