Respect Life Action Guide: Anniversary of Roe v Wade (Spanish)

Year Published
  • 2020
  • Spanish

The Respect Life parish action guides are designed to complement existing parish life and manifest that the Gospel of life is part of the very fabric of the Gospel itself. This action guide for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and associated observances and events contains the following components in Spanish:

  • Introduction
  • Simple Steps
  • Sample Timeline
  • Sample Bulletin and Pulpit Announcements
  • Intercessions
  • Homily Helps
  • Sample Activity: Order for the Blessing of Pro-Life Pilgrims
Full Respect Life January Action Guide (Spanish, PDF)
Full Respect Life January Action Guide (Spanish, Word)
Introduction (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Simple Steps (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Sample Timeline (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Sample Announcements (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Sample Intercessions (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Homily Helps (January Action Guide, Spanish)
Sample Activity (January Action Guide, Spanish)